Our Process

At DryHome, we know that when you reach out to us, you’re likely feeling stress and panic over how to prevent water damage in your home.

We’re on a mission to bring you peace of mind by providing fast, professional water damage prevention and restoration services when you need them most.
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Our goal is to simply help you experience peace and safety as soon as possible. We do this by taking over your nightmare and handling everything on your behalf. We simplify the entire process and reduce the impact a flood has on your home, belongings, and family.

How We Work

At DryHome, we’re in the business of offering emergency flood assistance services and water damage restoration services as quickly as possible. Here’s how our trusted and friendly professionals can help you:
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24/7 Emergency Flood Response

Residents can get a human on the phone now right away – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Normally, except during extreme city-wide water events, we can be on-site in your home extracting water within 2 hours of your call. You may opt for next-day service, but for serious events, we’ll drop everything and help you ASAP!

Insurance Coverage Assistance

When you work with DryHome, you owe us nothing the night we arrive. Everything is billed through insurance, and we’ll even handle reporting the claim to insurance and dealing with your agent! You’ll receive the full support of our team and we’ll work directly with your insurance company to maximize your coverage.
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Friendly & Compassionate Staff

Facing a flood can be traumatic and stressful. Because of that, we work to make a difference by being a compassionate guide during the process and by treating your home with care. We have frequent opportunities to show kindness and to help the people in our community, and that’s what makes the job rewarding for us.

Full Water Damage Mitigation

At DryHome, we have the capability to provide the full water damage mitigation process and follow it up with our restoration services. Don’t hassle with multiple companies and stress over managing multiple teams. We’ll take care of everything for you.
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Water Extraction & Restoration

Water Extraction & Damage Prevention

We offer full water extraction, area drying with air blowers, dehumidifiers, and a mold and mildew prevention treatment to keep your home dry and your belongings safe. We do full restoration after water removal as well.

Water Damage Restoration

Got damage? No problem. We offer restoration and repairs, including drywall, paint, baseboards, flooring, carpet and pad replacement, carpet stretching, carpet repair, and other general room construction repairs.
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Quick, High-Quality Service

On average, our customers are back to enjoying their living space within 3-5 days. This is dependent upon the size and location of the flooded area, the contents of the home, as well as the extent of the damage. Call us right away to prevent damage and keep your home mold-free!

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